The Willow Foundation Ball 2011

The Willow Foundation Ball 2011

Lee’s parents, Rob and Rose went to the Willow Foundation Ball in London.  Read about their experience below.

The day started when we arrived at the Park Plaza Hotel London 10.00hrs. We met up with my brother Phil and wife Kath, the rooms were ready so no hanging around.

We went out for lunch and a bit of sight seeing then back to the Hotel for around 3 ish for a bit of a rest before we got ready for the ball. At around 17:30hrs we were ready, Rose and Kath both looked like a million Dollars, Phil and I just looked like James Bond.

At the Champagne reception, someone spilt a glass of orange down Rosie’s dress but, with true brit grit we went in and took our seats and introduced ourselves to the rest of the table, very nice people.

We had a chance to meet some of the celeb’s and to get one of the calendars autographed, Natasha looked lovely.

The evening went really well, it raised well over £250,000. The magicians were brilliant and Boney M were good too. The night ended about 1:45am. I was tired but had a really good time.

Rose and I, Phil and Kath thank you all for donating to enable us to attend this wonderful Ball.

Let’s all keep doing what we do best, raise money for the Willow Foundation.

Thank you All

Rob & Rose Dunford

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