The LeeStock Twenty 20 cricket match

The LeeStock Twenty 20 cricket match

Great British Inventions… First there was the Sandwich – invented in the 18th century for Earl Sandwich so that he could continue to play cribbage without getting his cards greasy.

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Then came the telephone. Where would we be without the Alexander Graham Bell’s 1876 first phone call (to himself presumably). Not bad for a Scot.

This was swiftly followed by LeeFest, rumoured to be invented after a conversation with the Stig, sometime after the middle ages, whilst eating a sandwich over a telephone call.

Then finally, in 2001, a new form of cricket was invented to drag cricket away from old blokes in deck chairs with score cards and bring it to the popular masses – Twenty20 was born.

On August 14th, two great British inventions will be combined when LeeFest does T20 cricket. The rules are simple, each player will bat two overs and bowl two overs. Expect laughs, gaffes, shots, wickets – and of course beer and a bbq.

Friday, 14 August 2009 18:00
Long Melford Cricket Club
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Raising funds for next year’s LeeFest (we reached over £5200 this year (on top of the £2600 from the year before!)) August 14th will see Long Melford CC host two LeeFest teams.

The event will start at 18:00 so please come along and bring support. Let’s make more charity merriment!

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