Thank You From Team LeeStock

Thank You From Team LeeStock

I just wanted to take an opportunity to say thank you. There’s a lot of people who do a lot of things to help LeeStock be the success that it is and raise the money for Willow that it does.

From the anonymous donor who gives each year, to the volunteers that always offer their support with no expectation of anything in return.  There are the loyal Stockers and Stockettes who turn up to all of our silly events and are willing to give generously each time and there are the bands who give us their time and put on great performances for free. The amazing people, doing amazing challenges to raise money for LeeStock and therefore for The Willow Foundation.

There’s the local businesses and pubs who support us either financially, or with use of their facilities and most importantly the Willow Foundation, who always help us feel like we’re doing something worthwhile. There’s also of course Rob, Rose, James, Matt, Ash and Johnny.

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Thank you to everyone for everything, we really do appreciate it and value your patience, generosity and support and I know Rob, Rose and the Willow Foundation do as well.

You’re good people.

Watch Wheatus perform Teenage Dirtbag live at the LeeStock Music Festival in 2012