Beer & Cider Festival

Beer & Cider Festival

LeeStock will once again be teaming up with local and regional breweries including Nethergate, Mill Green, Mauldons and Green King to create a beer festival within the main festival site.

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LeeStock Beer & Cider Festival 2016

The full line-up has now been confirmed:


LEESTOCK ALE,  3.8%  Nethergate Brewery
Freshly toasted coriander seeds are added to the grist and at the later stages of the boil. Strong coriander flavour, spice hoppy, mild malts.

GOLDEN WILLOW, 4%  Nethergate Brewery
A bright golden ale with a fresh citrus aroma backed up with a tasty malt character.

IAN AND PAUL’s IPA,  3.5%  Nethergate Brewery
A floral citrus aroma with more floral hops, lemon, hay and light caramel flavour.

GROWLER,  3.9%  Nethergate Brewery
Light, refreshing flavour with a caramel malt and fruity aroma.

STOUR VALLEY GOLD,  4.2%  Nethergate Brewery
A light golden, fruity beer with apricot flavours.

LEMON HEAD,  4.1%  Nethergate Brewery
A light golden bitter with the aroma of ginger, with a touch of lemon and the taste of citrus, some spices and herbs.

SUFFOLK COUNTY,  4.0% Nethergate Brewery
Well-balanced bitter, with delightful malt and hop aromas, has a pleasing bitter finish.

UMBEL MAGNA, 5%  Nethergate Brewery
Dark, rich and fruity with a hint of Suffolk honey.

OLD GROWLER, 5%  Nethergate Brewery
A complex porter. Roast malt and fruit feature in the palate. The finish is hoppy with a hint of liquorice.

METROPOLIS,  3.9% Colchester Brewery
A super golden session beer, with enormous depth of flavour and a long  spicy finish.

COLCHESTER NO.1,  4.1%  Colchester Brewery
A classic English best bitter, copper in colour. Whole leaf Boadicea hops for flavour and the definitive aroma of East Kent Goldings.

JACK SPITTY’S SMUGGLERS ALE, 4.0%  Colchester Brewery
Hoppy golden ale.

POGONOPHOBIA,  4.5% Colchester Brewery
Very light, heavily hopped American pale ale.

AK PALE, 3.7%  Colchester Brewery
1900s pale ale, mildly hopped. Fresh and fruity.

TABLE ALE,  3.6%  Colchester Brewery
Amber session bitter.

MOLE TRAP, 3.8% Mauldon Brewery
A well balanced session beer with a crisp hoppy bitterness, with a late malty flavour.

SILVER ADDER,  4.2% Mauldon Brewery
Light coloured with fine hop and malt combinations giving a refreshing crisp finish.

SUFFOLK PRIDE,  4.8%  Mauldon Brewery
Fruity aroma, some figs and a hoppy, grassy flavour with malty bready notes.

MAYBEE, 3.9%  Mauldon Brewery
A pale coloured bitter brewed with Maris Otter malt and Styrian Goldings hops.
A bitter beer with added honey to produce a sweet finish.

BLACK ADDER, 5.3%  Mauldon Brewery
A dark bitter stout. Roast and nut aromas with a fruity balance of hops and dark malt provide an excellent lingering finish.

BLACKBERRY PORTER,  4.8%  Mauldon Brewery
A full bodied, black porter with a balanced hop aroma & rich blend of chocolate
and roast flavours, giving way to a subtle sweet fruit finish.

THE PURITAN GIFT, 3.4%  Little Earth Project
Barrel aged organic EIPA.

DIRTY BLONDE,  3.9%  Hellhound Brewery
A blonde coloured medium hopped ale with citrus and floral notes.

TWISTED SISTER,  3.5%  Hellhound Brewery
Light pale ale with US hops and finished with champagne yeast.

EAGLE,  3.6%  Charles Wells
Made from natural mineral water, a firm favourite throughout Bedford for centuries.

GREENE KING IPA,  3.6% Greene King
Flavour is floral and fruity with some light earthiness and a biscuity malt background.

ABBOTT ALE,  5.0%  Greene King
Pale, Crystal and Amber malts; First Gold, Challenger and Fuggles hops. Caramel and malt in the aroma with fruit cake and toffee flavours.

Made with Mosaic hops, a pale blonde with bold mango, peach, lemon and pine flavours.

GHOST SHIP,  4.5%  Adnams
Bitter with a malty backbone and lemon and lime aroma. Brewed with pale ale malt, crystal, Munich and wheat malt.

An easy drinking golden bitter with subtle citrus undertones.

THE BEES KNEES,  4.2%  Bartrams
Amber beer with floral aroma, honey softness leads to crisp bitter finish.


Black Dragon, 7.2% Medium  Gwynt Y DDraig
Matured in oak barrels, rich in colour, body and flavour with a fresh
fruity aroma.

Haymaker, 6.5% Medium Gwynt Y DDraig
Fruity and bursting with the flavour of apples.

Dogdancer, 6.5% Medium/Dry  Gwynt Y DDraig
Light straw coloured with a smooth crisp characteristic.

Farmhouse Scrumpy, 5.3% Medium  Gwynt Y DDraig
Clear scrumpy with fresh apple aroma.

Two Trees Perry, 4.5% Medium  Gwynt Y DDraig
A pale, fruity perry with an aroma of fruit and a hint of honey.

Autumn Magic, 4.0% Medium  Gwynt Y DDraig
A medium cider flavoured with blackberries and bursting with fruity aroma.

Tumpy Ground, 7.0 % Medium/Dry  Once Upon A Tree
A traditional still cider from 100% cider apples.

Thundering Molly,  5.2% Medium Abrahalls
Fresh and fruity with a lovely apple aroma, golden colour and well
balanced finish.

Cuckoo Penny,  4% Medium  Abrahalls
Fresh and fruity Rhubarb flavoured cider.

Fruit Burst,  6% Medium Glebe Farm
Refreshing cider made from apples grown in Cambridgeshire
and flavoured with mixed fruits.

Rum Cask,  7.0% Medium/Dry  Millwhites
Premium cider aged in Jamaican rum barrels,
Champion Cider of East Anglia 2009.

Cheery Old Dudda,  5.0% Medium  Duddas Tun
This fruit cider is a sumptuous blend of cider & cherry,
it has a sweet cherry aroma.

Apricot Cider,  4.0% Medium  Duddas Tun
Brand new apricot fruit cider.

Gasping Goose, 6.0% Medium  Newtons
Gasping Goose is a complex medium cider with a slightly tannic finish.



Please Drink Responsibly

Many thanks to Nethergate, Mill Green, Mauldons, Hellhound Brewery, Colchester Brewery, Gwynt Y Ddraig Green King, Adnams, Charles Wells, Bartrams, Duddas Tun, Newtons, Abrahalls, Onve Upon A Tree, Glebe Farm and Millwhites.

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All profits from bar sales will be donated to LeeStock Music Festival and the Willow Foundation.