LeeFactor – Battle of the Bands

LeeFactor - Battle of the Bands

This year, for the first time, LeeStock will be opened by the winner of a local Battle of the Bands contest.

The eponymous Lee attended Sudbury Upper School, and in fact performed with his band in their auditorium.  As such, we thought it’d be good to go back to the school and give school bands the chance to appear at LeeStock – better than that, open LeeStock!!

We’ve been giving presentations at the school assemblies this week, drumming up interest and we’ve had a great response.  It should be a really good “X-Factor” based event with guest performances and our very own (version of) Simon Cowell so please come along!

Details:  Fri, March 26th @ Sudbury Upper School, starts 19:00 – cost just £2

Please come along and give us your support!

01/04/10 – just wanted to say thank you to everybody who attended, we had a great time and the quality of the acts was really high.  We raised around £200 for Willow and are really looking forward to the Stephen opening for us on 1st May.  Thanks again guys, great effort