John Power Confirmed As Sunday Headliner

John Power Confirmed As Sunday Headliner

Cast frontman John Power has been confirmed as the LeeStock headliner for Sunday 26th May 2013.

Power achieved success during the late 1980’s as the bass player and vocalist with ‘The La’s’. He later went on to form ‘Cast’ during the height of the Brit-pop scene in the 1990’s. The band achieved commercial success during the the mid nineties with two platinum selling albums and a string of Top 10 Hits including “Free Me”, “Guiding Star”, “Sandstorm” and “Walkaway”.

The band split up in 2001 after the release of their 4th studio album only to re-unite in 2010 for a tour to mark the 15th anniversary of the album All Change.

John Power’s presence among luminaries such as Ian Brown, John Squire and Mick Jones on the Hillsborough Justice Tour is a welcome reminder of where the man belongs, and of Cast, the band Power formed in 1993 that played its part in the seismic Britpop boom of the mid-‘90s.

Between Cast, Power solo career saw him release three albums, Happening For Love (2003) and the acoustic roots of both Willow Weeps (2006) and Stormbreaker (2008). The last pair followed a 2005 La’s reunion with Lee Mavers (the duo played live but didn’t record) that Power admits was a direct influence on what followed. “I started listening again to all the rootsy, bluesy stuff The La’s were influenced by. In my head, I became a yodelling country blues dude! I’d forgotten what it was like travelling with a guitar, staying in bum hotels, playing boozers, and not living on your laurels. But I was also staunchly against being a parody nostalgia trip. But I had the bit between my teeth to write the songs for this album.”

Having the chance to play acoustically is all about keeping that old time tradition of songwriting and performing in front of an audience alive. I like the idea of a wooden box with strings and songs you can sing. Its good to have the opportunity to be able to perform songs from the band and from the solo albums and mix it up with anything else you may wish. You’d be surprised what little idea’s you pick up along the way sitting around all day with the guitar waiting for the show to begin.

Power says he told his missus, “give me a year here, I’m gonna be in the bedroom, in my pyjamas, strumming an acoustic, with me headphones on… By the end of every day of being encased in a goldfish bowl of sound, I felt like a day patient at the local nuthouse. I’d go sit outside and couldn’t have made conversation with anyone. But I got a body of work together.”

In place of proper chats, Power simply wrote an album of the kind of conversations you would have, down the pub, across the kitchen table. There are a handful of love songs, from teenage dreams (‘See The Girl’, ‘A Boy Like Me’) to grown-up love (‘Silver And Gold’), but otherwise you don’t need a weatherman to tell which way the wind has been blowing – which explains the title Troubled Times. “A lot of the lyrics are trying to tap into the frustrations and injustices you feel and you see out your window every day. I’m not the only one lying awake at night, thinking. But I’m not trying to be corny and wave banners; it’s more about the politics of the soul and heart.”

We will be welcoming John to Suffolk in May to perform at the LeeStock Music Festival.

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