House of Thieves

House of Thieves

British Indie Rock’n’Roll. Lyrics that cut deep, with a somewhat romanticised view of British life and the struggle to make ends meet.

This coupled with the bands natural understanding of music and melody makes for a compelling listen. Live this band is always tight, energetic and never afraid to jam things out, which makes these a must see live.

Formed in February 2012 the House Of Thieves recorded their first rehearsal, this led to their very first gig, bottom of the bill at The Venue on a night called Radar Love in Derby.

The gig along with that one recording of their first rehearsal caused a little stir, the second wasn’t long in coming and was supporting Dive Bella Dive in London at Camden Barfly. The band were now asked back to Radar Love in Derby but this time slightly higher on the bill.

The reception was great and shortly after House Of Thieves were asked to play two shows with The Milk, one at Radar Love again in Derby and the other at Lock 42 in Leicester. Both nights went well and the band was starting to gain a small but loyal following.

House of Thieves decided to get into a studio and record some live demos, these demos secured them a spot at YNot Festival in August 2012 on the Allotment stage. The tent was full and the set was one that left everybody wanting to know and hear more, the sound techs and the next band were heard saying “how can anyone follow that” House Of Thieves were starting to pick up more followers.

Now just a few short months after forming House Of Thieves were set to headline Radar Love, the event they played their very first gig bottom of the bill. This was a full crowd and they were all singing along, something was definitely working.

Notting Hill Arts Club contacted House Of Thieves to play a show there it was the Headline slot, also on the bill that night was Cortes. This was a great night, more and more people were wanting to listen, help out and do anything they could for the band. People were starting to “get” the House Of Thieves vibe.

They were then asked to support The Mystery Jets on Their Radlands tour, each of these shows went down a storm. 2013 saw Many local gigs for the boys The Highlights of which were playing with NME favourites Loom and Darlia.

Management then came a knockin’ and with that so did more Festivals, YNot Festival, BrightFest, Underground and Summersound all got in touch with House Of Thieves and invited them to play. Again everytime they played the crowd loved it. The lads played lots of gigs around Nottingham and Derby at Venues such as The Venue, The Rescue Rooms, Bodega and alike. Each of these shows was pretty much a sell out show.

2014 saw more and more gigs and more songs being written. The House Of Thieves have already been confirmed on six Festivals this summer with bands such as Happy Mondays, Razorlight, Frank Turner and Miles Kane. They are currently working on their E.P