A Huge ‘Thank You’ to Dodgy for Headlining LeeStock 2011

A Huge 'Thank You' to Dodgy for Headlining LeeStock 2011

The amazing Dodgy performed a whole set including their hits ‘In a room’, ‘Staying out for the summer’ and ‘Good enough’ to a sell-out LeeStock crowd.

The headliners played for almost 90 minutes and included a few new songs mixed with their crowd pleasing summer anthems. For a small enthusiastic Sudbury crowd, the summer certainly started here.

Full set-list

  1. In a room
  2. Making the most of..
  3. Staying out for the summer
  4. Found you
  5. Whole lot easier
  6. So let me go far
  7. If you’ve got a problem with Willie Nelson
  8. Back of you
  9. Melodies haunt you
  10. Good enough
  11. If you’re thinking of me
  12. Shadows
  13. Snake
  14. Grassman